Wooden Boat "Sandra"

The wooden cutter SANDRA was built in 1968 in Gothenburg, Sweden, at the MBF Delfin shipbuilding yard, as evidenced by the inscription on board. It is a classic Scandinavian variant of the motor sloop, originating from the Viking longships and boats. Motorised wooden dinghies ensure smooth and pleasant boating on the water.

In 2019, a wooden dinghy arrived in Latvia in a carcass form and it was not seaworthy - it was without a motor and other technical things that make it possible to travel on water. Thanks to the support and enthusiasm of the family, the dinghy has been restored and by our own efforts right here in Latvia, in the Ādaži municipality of Carnikava. It will be restored to its second life and will be released into the waters of Vecgauja on 4 August 2021, so that it can delight us on leisurely and romantic cruises.

Wooden boat Evelina

The Evelina is more suitable for parties and family cruises. The "Evelina" also organises sea swims. The cutter was built in 1964 in Sweden.

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